Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Over time the floors of our homes start to look dull and scuffed. Regular maintenance is necessary to restore shine. Cleansweep provides a thorough floor maintenance service for all kinds of flooring – marble, vinyl, tiles, wooden and mosaic.

The following services are provided by Cleansweep:

  • Floor scrubbing
  • Floor polishing
  • Marble grinding, honing, polishing and crystallization.

To ensure the most effective results, we use the best and most efficient resources. The floor grinding machine we use is from Italy and all other machinery is from Germany. Our staff are trained to use the correct chemicals in appropriate proportions on requisite flooring.

Floor Scrubbing: Rs. 4 per sq. ft.*

Floor Polishing: Rs. 6 per sq. ft.*

Diamond Polish for Marble / Granite: Rs. 25 per sq. ft.*

* starting price