Marble restoration

Marble Restoration for Old Marble

Over time marble loses some its lustre and shine, cracks begin to develop and marble looks dull and worn out.

At Cleansweep, we have a solution for this. We offer a diamond polish, which will repair cracks, redo the grouting and restore the original shine to the marble floor.

Depending on the condition of the marble, we adopt a 7 to 10 step process, which starts with cutting the marble. There after the cracks and grouting are cleaned and refilled. The extra filling is cut to even the floor. Finally the stone is polished.

We offer two more solutions when restoring old marble:

– Densifyer: This is applied either before starting the diamond polish process or after the first cut. Once applied this chemical is allowed to seep in for 12 hours. The purpose of this chemical is to increase the porosity of marble, so as to reduce the occurrence of cracks in the long run.

– Sealer: A sealer can be applied on marble after polishing. This will protect the marble from spillages.

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