Marble polishing and restoration

Cleansweep provides marble polishing and restoration service in Delhi NCR. This service is available for new marble and old marble.
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When marble is newly laid, there is often lippage. Moreover, in a construction site, the marble can be subject to scratches. Our marble polishing service for new marble removes all lippage, you will get an absolutely flat and smooth surface. We match the grouting of the marble to the color of the stone. Marble polishing will remove all scratches and give you a mirror finish! Old marble floors over time get dirty and develop cracks and chips. These floors need to be restored to get a mirror like a factory finish. In the case of old marble floors, our team will repair all cracks and chips, regrout the floor and polish after grinding. We are proud of our team of trained marble care specialists. We can assure you of quality marble polishing service in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Greater Noida.

We understand that our clients may want to see samples of our work and question what we can do for them. Put your mind at rest and be satisfied knowing that we provide quality diamond polishing services for marble.

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The harmful effects of dust on the health and performance of office workers

It goes without saying that India has turned into a huge construction site. There are numerous road repairs works being carried out, construction of new underground metro, several residential and commercial projects being developed, expansion of roadways etc. The unavoidable consequence of these necessary development activities is – DUST! Unimaginable quantities of dust have been released into the air, which is settling in our homes and offices.  There are countless offices and work spaces in India that literally bath in dust causing health concerns to their employees.

Science confirms health concerns caused by dust

According to the findings of a study conducted in Oslo, Norway almost 20 years ago, it has been proved that office employees are very likely to experience symptoms directly associated with harmful dust exposure. Two groups of employees were tested, although only one was exposed to indoor polluted air. As expected, the group who worked in an office that was thoroughly cleaned and maintained didn’t experience any health issues. On the other side, the group forced to work in an office that lacked proper cleaning ended up with serious respiratory infections and health issues. The conclusion was inevitable, thorough professional office cleaning can significantly reduce the quantity of airborne dust that can harm your office employees. 

The dust is harmful to both humans and machines

According to the findings of another study, the lifespan and proper functionality of computers were significantly reduced as a result of the dust exposure. The computer vents don’t have the capacity to operate if office cleaning fails to remove the dust. Before you know it, your computers, covered in dust will make you spend much more than expected and planned for in terms of constant repairs and servicing. What’s even worse, you will be forced to acquire new machines much earlier than planned. All of these problems and costs can be avoided if routine office cleaning is carried out thoroughly by professionals.

What can GroupL do for the well-being of your office workers and computers?

We have been successfully providing office cleaning and maintenance services since 1973. The best thing you can do for both your employees and machines is to absorb air borne dust on a regular basis. Outsource all of your cleaning requirements to our experienced and motivated team. This important task will be conducted by our professional cleaners as many times as required and according to your requirements and budget expectations. We will use best in class machinery and cleaning chemicals to give you a sparkling clean office. Get in touch with us in the most suitable way for you by paying us a visit to one of our branches all over India, calling us, or sending an email. Together, we will discuss the most suitable cleaning solutions for your specific business needs.

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Cleansweep is a division of GroupL Services. We provide deep cleaning services to homes and offices in Delhi NCR. We also specialise in providing marble polishing and restoration service in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi.