Gloss – O – Meter for measuring shine on marble floors

Some concerns our clients raise about shine of diamond polished marble floors:CLEANSWEEP ITALIAN MARBLE POLISH 18-03-2019
– The floor should be shinning more.
– The shine is not even in all areas of the floor.
– How do we know the shine has improved from before polish to after polishing the floor?


To solve all of these concerns we use a gloss – o – meter, which gives an accurate reading of shine level of a floor. We measure the gloss with a gloss – o – meter before starting work and after we have completed a project. A shine level above 85 is good. The percentage of gloss achieved will depend on the composition of marble. This meter can be placed at different places across a polished marble floor to determine if shine is standard in all areas of a room.


At Cleansweep we believe in providing our clients with the latest quality marble polishing service. To achieve this we use the best technology with ample training to ensure clients are satisfied with our service. If you have any marble flooring that needs restoration, please feel free to contact Cleansweep for marble diamond polishing service in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad.


Bathroom marble wall polishing

At Cleansweep we work with architects on new projects. Here we get commissioned the entire marble polishing of the building, this includes – walls, floors, skirting, countertops, steps, grooves, moulding, chamfering and window panelling.


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Herewith please find some images of our team working on marble cladding polishing. In this project, we first removed the fibre from the walls. Then the walls were cut to even it out and remove all lippage. Thereafter grouting and all cracks and pin holes were filled. Once the filling was cut, we completed the rest of the steps of marble polishing to bring a high gloss finish. We also made all the grooves and moulding to ensure they are smooth and neat. In the images you can see the difference between polished and unpolished marble. Once all the bathroom fitting and fixtures are installed we will give the walls one last buff.

What is marble crystallisation and what are its benefits?

anand niketanThe crystallization process consists of spraying a liquid crystalliser onto the polished marble floor and buffing it in with steel wool under a standard weighted single disc floor machine. The steel wool generates heat through abrasion and the chemical reacts with the marble, producing a new compound on the surface of the stone. The most common ingredients of crystallization chemicals are acid, magnesium fluorosilicate, and water. The surface of the stone is chemically altered when applying crystalliser and there is no way to reverse the process. The only way to remove a crystallized layer is through grinding the floor with diamond grits.


Through the crystallisation process the resulting layer of calcium flurosilicate that is formed on the surface of the stone makes the stone harder, more glossier and more resistant to stains. This is the primary principle behind using a crystalliser.


Crystallisers can only be used on polished marble surfaces, not honed marble. It is simple and easy to use marble maintenance process. Do note, one should avoid using wax based crystallisers because they can create a build up on the surface of the stone relatively quicker than oxalic acid compounds.


Image attached – Marble crystalliser applied on polished marble floor to give high gloss, mirror finish