Super shine with diamond impregnated pads vs super shine with diamond pads

A super shine is a marble maintenance process. If you have marble floors that have become dull, have scuff marks, minor scratches on the surface of the marble and lacks lustre, you can go for a ‘super shine’ process to restore shine.


Under the ‘super shine’ process we have two options, one which uses diamond impregnated pads and one which uses diamond pads. The difference between the two lies in the fact that the super shine with diamond pads is a superior process as it gives a sharper shine and is better at removing scratches.


A super shine will give a mirror finish shine. In both process, the skirting is not done. Cracks and joints are not repaired. For more details, please call us on +91 9717719303.


The first two images are of super shine with diamond impregnated pads and second two use diamond pads.


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Dholpur marble polishing


Dholpur or sandstone is commonly used in exterior surfaces of buildings in India. This stone is highly absorbent. If kept on a flat surface, it tends to absorb dirt and dust and looses its natural colour. The good news is that it can be cleaned. Call Cleansweep to clean your dholpur / sandstone surfaces.