Monsoon – Home Care Tips

After the brutal heat of the summer, the monsoon’s are a relief! While the rains bring down the mercury, one must be careful of the germs and water borne illnesses that arise from water stagnation and moisture in the air.


Mentioned below are some preventive measures you can take to make sure your house is well protected, clean, and dry during the monsoon.



  • Pre Monsoon Examination – Clean the pipes so there are no blockages and smooth drainage of rain water is possible. Call an expert to repair any cracks or damaged tiles to avoid seepage.
  • Cupboards – Wardrobes become damp in the monsoons. The air moisture can be absorbed by putting dried neem leaves, cloves, camphor, silica gel sachets, and/or commercially available moisture absorption sachets in the cupboards, drawers or wooden desks.
  • Ventilation – Try and get as much cross ventilation and sunlight as possible. This will help to take away some of the moisture from the air and remove the damp smell. Excessive moisture in the air can damage wall hangings, furniture and carpets. Dehumidifiers can also be used.
  • Home Cleaning – Regular home cleaning is a must. Use a safe floor detergent to mop the floors. A detergent with citronella would be good for the monsoons. Oil can be used to prevent wooden doors and windows from absorbing moisture and swelling up. Apply wax to the hardwood floors to protect it from excess moisture. Vacuum carpets, upholstery and curtains at least once a week. Dusting of furniture, especially wooden furniture is essential to prevent moisture build up. Get pest control done once a month in the monsoons. Light a small piece of camphor in every room and keep the doors and windows shut for 15 minutes every evening.
  • Garden / Plant Care – Trim hedges and tall plants / trees. The monsoons are known for gory winds, trimmed plants will create fewer chances of branches flying off. Also, when the sun shines it will allow sunlight to penetrate better. Rainfall causes easy growth of some unnecessary plants in the soil like that of weeds, which need to be pulled out frequently. These weeds can tamper with the nourishment of your useful plants. Prevent water stagnation in your garden or in the plates kept below indoor plants. These are breeding grounds for insects.

Mirror finish shine on Italian Marble!

Top left hand side image – before. Bottom left hand side image – restoration process. Right hand side image – restored marble flooring with mirror finish shine.Diamond polish
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At what stage of my home renovation should I get marble polishing done?

I am getting my house painted, when should I get my marble floors polished, before or after the painting?


In case of old marble, if you are going for a complete marble diamond restoration process, we recommend the work be done before your final coat of paint.
Floor covering 1
Once polished, we further recommend the floors be covered while the painter applies his final quote of paint. This covering will protect your newly polished marble flooring from getting scratched and from staining.


After all civil work is completed, the covering can be removed and the floors buffed.


Floor covering

You can then enjoy freshly painted walls and sparkling marble floors.


We have attached two images in which we have used William Tape to cover the floors, at a site. There are several options available for protecting natural stone flooring depending on budget and level of protection required.


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Floor Scrubbing I Marble Polishing | Diamond Polish I Call – 9717719303

Have the rains made your driveway, balconies or terrace flooring very dirty? Do you want to remove the top layer of dirt from stone?


If yes, then contact Cleansweep for floor scrubbing services (starting at Rs. 5 per sq ft). This service is available for marble, granite, mosaic, tiles, kota and dholpur stones.


Floor scrubbing uses a single disc machine, vacuum, appropriate chemicals and cleaning pads to clean the floor. If you have flamed granite or a stone that has a rough surface, we use hard bristle brushes to remove the dirt lodged in the crevices of the stone


In terms of pads we can either use the appropriate 3M cleaning pads or bristle brush pads. It all depends on the nature of the stone and the level of dirt.