At what stage of my home renovation should I get marble polishing done?

I am getting my house painted, when should I get my marble floors polished, before or after the painting?


In case of old marble, if you are going for a complete marble diamond restoration process, we recommend the work be done before your final coat of paint.
Floor covering 1
Once polished, we further recommend the floors be covered while the painter applies his final quote of paint. This covering will protect your newly polished marble flooring from getting scratched and from staining.


After all civil work is completed, the covering can be removed and the floors buffed.


Floor covering

You can then enjoy freshly painted walls and sparkling marble floors.


We have attached two images in which we have used William Tape to cover the floors, at a site. There are several options available for protecting natural stone flooring depending on budget and level of protection required.


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