Listed below are some frequently asked questions. Should you require any additional information or have a question which is not covered below, please contact us.


What is Cleansweep’s One-time Cleaning Service (OTC)?

Cleansweep’s OTC is a professional cleaning service. The objective is to provide a ‘hassle-free’ cleaning experience for consumers, delivering convenience and quality through an end-to-end solution model. The service can be undertaken on a one – time basis or as an annual maintenance contract. Cleansweep is a division of GroupL Services.

What is the difference between essential, extensive and exhaustive cleaning?

All three services offered are upto a high standard. The fundamental difference is that Essential cleaning is limited to mainly manual cleaning and Extensive and Exhaustive cleaning, as the name suggests involves a thorough deep cleaning, with the help of machines. Essential cleaning can be completed within a few hours and Extensive and Exhaustive cleaning are time taking due to nature of work. Some machines used in Extensive and Exhaustive cleaning are: steam cleaner, industrial wet and dry vacuum (30 ltr.), glass cleaning kit, single disc machine and scrubber driers. The difference between Exhaustive and Extensive cleaning is that the former includes extensive cleaning plus floor polishing, steam cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen and pest control of kitchen.

What are the benefits of availing Cleansweep’s OTC Service?

No housekeeping company offers you a stronger guarantee than Cleansweep. You may come to call it the ultimate peace of mind.
  • Done right the first time: Our training and processes ensure that the work is completed to full satisfaction the first time itself, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Quality Control: Our staff are trained on utilizing only the best quality cleaning materials in the most efficient quantities.
  • Same-day solution: When you need us, we’ll have a solution within 24 hours.

What kind of chemicals and cleaning equipment do you use?

All the chemicals we use are as per OEM instructions and are specific to be the surface applied on. Further, all the chemicals and consumables sourced, are as per best practice in the industry. We use top class machines, imported from Germany and Italy.

What will happen if the Janitor does not do his job well?

We have trained supervisors who are independently responsible for the quality of the job executed at your premises. They will monitor the progress at the site, and take corrective action to ensure that the procedures adopted by the janitors meet Cleansweep’s standards.
If required we also have the option of replacing the janitor in case of any problem at the site. Should you wish to communicate any complaint or displeasure, you can contact us at 1800 300 21515 and we shall immediately act on the issue.

What if something breaks or gets damaged during the service being executed?

Our staff are well trained and ensure that breakages are absolutely minimum. However we request that expensive items be stored such as: glassware, decorative items, decanters, statues and / or anything that is of importance.

Should I pay the Janitor anything else?

Your payment to Cleansweep covers the entire contract for material as well as labor for the cleaning job to be executed at your site. You need not pay any extra amount to the janitor.

Do I need to make any preparations before your team arrives and do I need to stay during the cleaning?

Yes, we would require arrangements to be made for water and electricity.  If you have any sensitive areas, then please do inform the supervisor and store away all fragile/expensive items. Besides this, you are at leisure. Our cleaning operatives are full-time employees of the company; police verified and carry strong referrals. They have also been insured adequately and undergo health check-ups regularly to ensure hygiene and safety.

Will Cleansweep’s OTC service be expensive?

The rates across all our services offered are priced scientifically keeping in mind the recommended systems desired for a high quality finish. This is a transparent process to ensure that you pay as per the standard rate card and final quotes are based on authentic measurements. We have a minimum billing policy of INR 2,500. However, if your order value is less than that amount, please call us on 180030021515 and our Customer Care Executive will help you out.

What is your payment policy?

Cleansweep follows a 50% advance payment policy for the cleaning estimate furnished to you, and the remainder on the day of completion of the job. The payment options include – payment by cheque in favour of GroupL Services Pvt. Ltd. or the money can be transferred to our bank account through RTGS/NEFT.

How much time will Cleansweep’s OTC team take to execute the contract?

The time taken to complete a job depends on the nature of work and area to be cleaned. Cleansweep representatives will prepare the work schedule, which will include information with respect to start and end dates of cleaning.

What is your cancellation policy?

We request you to call / email us to intimate regarding cancellation, at least 24-hours prior to the commencement of the service (service usually starts at 10am). We charge a small cancellation fee of INR 500 if intimation is not provided.

What is your rescheduling policy?

In case you want to reschedule a cleaning service, please reach out to us at least 24 hours prior to the appointment so that we can arrange for the service to be provided on another date (subject to availability).

Can I change my order after booking a service?

Please call us on our helpline 180030021515 to speak with our Executive to edit your order.